Sunday, January 8, 2017


15 minute missions to make a decluttered, clean, organised home!
Today's Goal: Create a Household Resource Folder
A physical (or digital) book or file that stores information about day-to-day life in your household. Create printables and checklists to keep on track. Some items below may be more suitable stored in various parts of your home i.e. filing away bills/home maintenance, chores on the refrigerator, etc. Some of these charts may already be ready for placing into a household folder, others will be added at later stages as areas are decluttered and routines/checklists are created.
"Last year I bought a planner, but found I didn't use some parts of the page, and so I designed my own one this year. I use a ring binder (file)  to assemble my day-to-a-page planner, so I have incorporated a few extra pages for my household resources - including birthdays, rubbish/recycling days, after school sports, budgeting, menu planning, etc. Other checklists/charts will be placed into various areas of the house i.e. behaviour charts and chore lists for our children will be in the kitchen area and cleaning schedules in the laundry. There is quite a few on the lists below that I have yet to complete over the rest of the year but I am focusing on the daily planner to begin with, and the routine charts for my children, and will add other pages as further missions are undertaken" -Megan
1. Daily Schedules:
  • Morning Routine Chart (children) [KITCHEN]
  • Afternoon Routine Chart (children) [KITCHEN]
  • Evening Routine Chart (children) [KITCHEN]
  • Good Behaviour Chart (children) [KITCHEN]
  • Chore/Reward Chart (children) [KITCHEN]
  • Weekly Schedule (family) [DAILY PLANNER]
  • To-Do List [DAILY PLANNER]
2. Cleaning Checklists:
  • Daily House Cleaning Schedule
  • Weekly cleaning schedule
  • House cleaning checklist
  • Weekly checklist for house cleaning
  • Kitchen cleaning checklist
  • Bathroom cleaning checklist 
  • Housekeeping checklist to get ready for guests
  • Spring cleaning checklist
  • Christmas cleaning checklist
  • Weekly laundry schedule [LAUNDRY]
  • Stain removal guide [LAUNDRY]
  • Task list template for tracking odd jobs and household chores [KITCHEN]
3. Car and Home:
  • Car maintenance schedule
  • Vehicle inspection checklist
  • Vehicle maintenance log (also includes mileage log)
  • Home maintenance checklist
  • Home storage inventory
  • Household inventory (and why you should create a household inventory)
4. Food and Drink:
  • Shopping List [KITCHEN]
  • Grocery price list
  • Seasonal food calendar chart
  • Coupon organizer
  • Meal planning template
  • Menu planning ideas forms
  • Recipe organizer
  • Pantry inventory
  • Freezer inventory
  • Errands and shopping list
  • Food Journal [KITCHEN]
5. Family and Friends:
  • Goal statement for your family
  • Contact information and address book [DAILY PLANNER]
  • Personal information page for each family member
  • Clothing sizes for each family member
  • Lists of books to read, DVDs to watch
6. School and Social Activities:
  • Children's school papers
  • School schedules and calendars [DAILY PLANNER]
  • Lunch menus
  • Carpool schedules
  • School information page
  • School reading lists
  • Summer programs information [DAILY PLANNER]
  • Sports schedules [DAILY PLANNER]
  • Scouting and PTA materials
7. Health and Safety
  • Emergency contact list [PURSE AND DAILY PLANNER]
  • Medical information for family members
  • Emergency supplies list
  • Home safety checklist
  • Fire safety checklist
  • First aid checklist
  • Prescription records
  • Medical centre and GP information
  • Health insurance information
  • Pet health records
  • Home security checklist
8. Finances:
  • Savings Chart [DAILY PLANNER]
  • Household budget [DAILY PLANNER]
  • Bills to pay [DAILY PLANNER]
  • Checkbook register
  • Passwords for online accounts
  • List of credit cards, banks and accounts
9. Legal Information and Documents:
  • Insurance information
  • Tax paperwork
  • Contents of safety deposit box
  • Warranty information
  • Vehicle records
  • Family records, such as birth certificates, marriage certificates, wills, etc.
  • Property ownership documents, such as deeds, leases, stock certificates, bonds, mortgages, etc.
  • Contracts
10. Holidays and Other Events:
  • How to make a holiday planner
  • Thanksgiving planner, for your meals and traditions (including Thanksgiving grocery and shopping list, a written out menu, a countdown schedule for the day of cooking, plus a checklist for the whole month)
  • Christmas meals, and traditions (including Christmas grocery list, and a written out menu)
  • Christmas budgeting form
  • Planning for other parties and celebrations
  • Christmas wish list and gift list
  • Seasonal greeting card and Christmas card list
  • List of birthdays and anniversaries [DAILY PLANNER]
  • Gift suggestion list
  • Gift tracker (to track gifts received to write thank you notes)

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