Wednesday, January 18, 2017


15 minute missions to make a decluttered, clean, organised home!
Today's Goal: Declutter Tinned Food, Organise What's Left and Donate Excess
1. Take before picture (optional).
2. Remove all cans from the pantry.
3. Wipe down pantry shelf.
4. Discard expired tins (i.e. compost contents, recycle cans).
5. Donate unwanted tinned food (i.e. items your family don't consume) - that are still in date.
6. Return canned food to the pantry with the oldest at the front so they are used first (and most commonly used items at eye level/arm's reach, less used items at the very top or bottom of the pantry).
7. Think about can storage methods/systems: rows, racks, etc.
8. Note down any excess tins for menu planning over the next few weeks (especially if you have too many to store in the pantry neatly).
9. Take after photograph (optional).
10. Before going shopping, check your pantry so that you don't buy too many of the same food you already have, or to check what has run out and needs restocking in your pantry.
"We don't buy a lot of tinned food - mainly fish and milk but it is good to have a few tins here and there once our jars of bottled tomatoes etc have finished. I always rotate tins so that the oldest is used first, and in frugal weeks of cooking, menu plan from pantry items first and then boost with lots of fresh vegetables. The can storage systems would be great to add in the future to our pantry - at the moment we just do a row of each item. More and more lentils and beans are being used to prepare healthy, filling, vegetarian meals for our family - and this helps to keep the budget down and reduce food waste!" -Megan

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