Friday, January 20, 2017


15 minute missions to make a decluttered, clean, organised home!
Today's Goal: Declutter Pantry Shelves
1. Take before picture (optional).
2. Remove all items from the pantry.
3. Wipe down pantry shelf.
4. Discard expired food (i.e. compost).
5. Donate unwanted food items that are still in date.
6. Make a list of food items needed to refill any empty containers (or spaces).
7. Return food items to the pantry neatly.
8. Think about storage methods/systems: rows, racks, etc.
9. Note down any excess food items for menu planning over the next few weeks (especially if you have too many to store in the pantry neatly). 
10. Take after photograph (optional).
11. Before going shopping, check your pantry so that you don't buy excess food, or to check what has run out and needs restocking in your pantry.
"Since canned food and spices are already decluttered and organised, the rest of our pantry is mostly in Tupperware containers. This means usually just filling up containers, putting them back in order and noting down what needs refilling. Some of the local shops are good at refilling directly into my Tupperware, which makes shopping and unpacking much easier and reduces wastage (i.e. buying something we already have). Frugal weeks of menu planning is usually looking at what is in the pantry and then cooking from there - boosting with fresh or frozen fruit and vegetables. It is very satisfying seeing everything neat and tidy, labelled clearly and easy accessible, grouped into categories i.e. cereals, breakfast spreads, tea/coffee, pasta, rice, baking, flours, sugars, dried fruit/nuts/seeds, etc. Our pantry is currently two shelving units but I am looking at buying proper pantries within the next few months now we have reorganised the kitchen" -Megan

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