Sunday, January 15, 2017


15 minute missions to make a decluttered, clean, organised home!
Today's Goal:  Declutter and Organise Pots and Pans
1. Take before picture (optional).
2. Remove all pots and pans from the cupboard.
3. Wipe down cupboard shelves.

4. Sort out pots and pans (keep, fix, donate, toss).
5. Place any pots and pans commonly used at easy access on the shelf. Place other pots and pans that are to be kept neatly into the cupboard (or onto a wall hanger if you hang your pots and pans instead).
6. Fix/repair any pot/pan handles.
7. Set aside any pots and pans that are in good working condition but not required so that they can be donated.
8. Dispose of any damaged pots and pans that cannot be mended.
9. Take after photograph (optional).
"I have lots of pots and pans for classes - two sizes, small and large - that are put away in storage, but in the kitchen I had so many pots and pans from our first home, that I have had stuffed into the cupboards in our kitchen, but have not been used for 5+ years!  So I pulled all of the pots and pans out, sorted into keep, donate and toss piles and only kept the pots I use regularly. If I need extra pots, I have the class supplies I can get out of storage, but I decluttered two boxes of pots to the local op-shop. Our kitchen isn't big, so storage is limited and I am aiming to keep the benches and walls clear of clutter, so only keeping what we use regularly works in our home" -Megan


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