Friday, January 6, 2017


15 minute missions to make a decluttered, clean, organised home!

Today's Goal: Declutter kitchen utensils, knives and measuring cups.
1. Take before picture for sharing on the Declutter 365 Facebook Page.
2. Empty utensil drawers and clean drawers well. Replace liners if needed (add dividers if you like).
3. Place commonly used utensils into drawers neatly (organised by type if dividers are used) so that the drawers aren't full and utensils are hard to reach because they are mixed up.
4. Pack away special event utensils and excess cutlery elsewhere (label storage box).
5. Donate any unwanted, reusable utensils.
6. Dispose of damaged utensils.
7. Sharpen knives.
8. Store measuring cups in baking corner of the kitchen cupboards.
9. Take after photograph for sharing on the Declutter 365 Facebook Page.
10. Keep utensils, knives and measuring cups clean and tidy from now on!
"We have four drawers in our kitchen. The top drawer is for the most commonly used (cutlery), the second drawer is for commonly used utensils (cooking), the third for tea towels, spare sponges and kitchen cloths, and the fourth for storing other utensils that aren't used very often (i.e. baking). I emptied all of the drawers then vacuumed the inside of each drawer, sprayed with disinfectant and then wiped dry before returning cutlery and utensils to the correct place. I would like to add drawer dividers to two of the drawers soon" -Megan

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