Saturday, January 7, 2017


15 minute missions to make a decluttered, clean, organised home!
Today's Goal: Declutter Pot Holders and Kitchen Towels
1. Take before picture.
2. Empty storage space and consider where you will put your kitchen cloths.
3. Vacuum, disinfect and clean drawers (or shelves).
4. Replace liners if needed (add dividers if you like).
5. Sort out pot holders and tea towels.
6. Fold clean tea towels into drawers neatly (use a divider to separate clean wash cloths and a spare set of oven mitts/pot holders) so that the drawers aren't full and each pile is easily accessed.
7. Pack away seasonal kitchen cloths (i.e Christmas prints) with seasonal items i.e. Christmas box (label storage box).
8. Donate any unwanted, reusable cloths.
9. Dispose of damaged or worn cloths (if they are unsuitable for cleaning cloths for example).
10. Take after photograph.
11. Store enough kitchen cloths to use between wash loads and ensure they are washed, folded and stored properly with every laundry.
"Until today I had a shelf of the laundry cupboard devoted to a mixture of cleaning cloths and kitchen tea towels. After yesterday's utensil decluttering mission, I had a kitchen drawer empty for storing tea towels. I've never stored linen in the kitchen but it makes sense! I wash daily, so I have stored around 5-6 tea towels (as I change cloths with every load of dishes), plus two spare tablecloths (which can often be changed daily if the kids are messy) and space for another set of pot holders/mitts (because my current set is worn and needs replacing). Any worn cloths become cleaning cloths and are stored in the laundry rag bag" -Megan

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