Thursday, January 19, 2017


15 minute missions to make a decluttered, clean, organised home!
Today's Goal: Discard Old Spices and Organise Spices
1. Take before picture (optional).
2. Remove all spice jars from the pantry.
3. Wipe down pantry shelf.
4. Discard expired spices (i.e. compost).
5. Donate unwanted spices that are still in date.
6. Make a list of spices needed to refill any empty containers.
7. Return spices to the pantry neatly.
8. Think about storage methods/systems: rows, racks, etc.
9. Note down any excess spices for menu planning over the next few weeks (especially if you have too many to store in the pantry neatly). Marinating meat for the freezer is a good way to use up excess spices too (or flavouring salt for example).
10. Take after photograph (optional).
11. Before going shopping, check your pantry so that you don't buy too many of the same herbs/spices you already have, or to check what has run out and needs restocking in your pantry.
"My husband built me a wooden 3-tier shelf to display my spices, since I enjoy using them on a daily basis. I don't buy blends/mixes - I mix my own as needed. I use Tupperware spice containers because they are neat and high quality (although expensive) and being rectangular, fit better onto the shelf so each one can be grabbed quickly. Each container holds 1-cup of herbs and spices. I used a Dymo label machine to label each container, and a round sticker on the base has the best before date written. They are sorted alphabetically so I can find ingredients quickly" -Megan

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