Monday, October 24, 2016


It's a new week Food Preservers! What cooking and crafting projects are you planning this week? #mondayswithmegan
After teaching a class on Saturday, I like to spend Mondays planning my week: menu planning, craft projects, housework, activities with my children, etc. Each Monday morning I begin my day with a visit to my local gym, then run the kids to school and do my grocery shopping. I have begun thinking about buying my fruits and vegetables online - do you? I don't buy many "processed foods" because we enjoy homemade alternatives the best and buy my dry ingredients in bulk to reduce plastic packaging and save money. The rest of the week I then go to sport or have my youngest home, so housework, gardening or website work beckons!
Menu Planner Printable for Personal Use:
Print and laminate to use each week - we stuck it to our fridge!

This Week's Menu:
Menu @ FPHQ this week is pretty basic: lots of fruit and vegetables, good quality protein, homemade bread, yoghurt and cheese. Quick dinners due to swimming lessons on Monday and Tuesday utilising leftovers and bits I've prepared ahead in the freezer. Breakfasts are usually fruit smoothies, toast with beans or egg, yoghurt or fruit salad (pikelets on Sunday morning)
Monday: chicken caesar salad (with homemade mayo and yesterday's rye bread made into croutons)
Tuesday: hot dogs (homemade fat pork sausages with salad, pickles, mustard and cheese)
Wednesday: chicken & vegetable stir-fry
Thursday: barbecue steak (with cold-smoked garlic salt) with mashed potato/carrot/sweet potato and steamed vegetables
Friday: Oven baked fish (seasoned with dukkah), rainbow salad and fries
Saturday: kids' choice
Sunday: beef burgers with last season's tomato relish and dehydrated (rehydrated) caramelised onions and pickled beetroot plus cupcakes to celebrate my youngest daughter turning 5 years old (and a few dozen to bake for Kindy Monday morning!)
New Recipes & Articles:
(will be added to during the week and will come back to link here too)
  • Cheese-Making Articles
  • Cold-Smoking Intro Article
  • Cold-Smoked Garlic Salt Recipe (another great use for cheese salt!)
  • Instant Oats in Jars - my oldest daughter loves making her own porridge while I'm at the gym in the morning. It's quick to measure into a microwave bowl, cook and eat and gives her lots of energy all day long at school. Today I thought of writing up a recipe for various flavours of quick porridge mixes to make and store in jars (or in bulk), utilising dehydrated fruits and other flavours and buying instant or rolled oats in bulk (and mostly plastic free too hooray). Maybe even jars with single portions and dried fruits in them, ready to pour into a bowl, add milk or water, cook and eat.
  • Chia Pudding (refrigerator)
  • Tomato Relish (water bath / bottling)
  • Dehydrated Caramelised Onions (dehydrating)
  • Dehydrated Potatoes
  • Dehydrated Freezer Vegetables
  • Dukkah (won a few first prizes at the Perth Royal Show with this recipe)
  • Coffee Soap for #saturdayscent - using melt and pour soap, mica for a shimmer, used coffee grounds as an exfoliant and decorated with coffee beans as part of my prep for the Christmas Gift Guide (homemade food and non-food projects that are made in under 30 minutes and/or under $20), which will be given away at my Christmas Preserving Class
  • Pikelets
Have a lovely week! - Megan

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