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Toilet paper: everyone uses it, everyone buys it, so it's time to talk about this Aussie company!
Who Gives a Crap
Not all companies donate 50% of their profits. Who Gives a Crap do! 
In July 2012, Simon, Jehan and Danny launched Who Gives A Crap with a crowdfunding campaign on IndieGoGo. Simon sat on a toilet in their warehouse, refusing to move until there were enough pre-orders to begin production. Within 50 hours, they had raised over AU$50,000 and began delivering their first products by March 2013.
From production of their recycled toilet paper to now including forest-friendly tissues and paper towels, Who Gives a Crap continue to make all of their products with environmentally friendly materials.Almost 31,000 trees and 74 million litres of water have been saved,  plus the company has avoided almost 6,000 tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions in their production process. Toilet paper rolls are wrapped individually in paper and packed in cardboard cartons, avoiding plastic packaging, and the colourful paper wrappings can be reused (or recycled) and feature cute, quirky messages. Empty toilet roll tubes make great seedling tubes for the garden! 

Why does our household buy Who Gives a Crap products? 
Did you know that approximately 40% of the worldwide population (around 2.3 billion people) do not have access to a toilet? Poor sanitation and diarrhoea-related diseases fill half of the hospital beds in sub-Sahara/Africa AND kill around 900 children under 5 years old each day. Who Gives a Crap donate 50% of their profits (over $400,000 so far) to non-profit organisations such as WaterAid, who help build toilets in developing countries. For example, buying 1 roll of toilet paper = giving someone access to a toilet for 1 week. Plus, Who Gives a Crap deliver to your door, offer free shipping (minimum orders apply) and also give discounts for larger orders. Each carton includes several red emergency toilet rolls, which are a great reminder to place our next order. The company offers regular deliveries (i.e. every 6 weeks) but we have found for our family of four, a carton of 24 double-length lasts just over 5 months, making it great value and supporting a great cause at the same time!
Who Gives a Crap Products: 
  • Recycled Toilet Paper - 3-ply, 100% recycled paper. No inks, dyes or chlorine. 24 x double-length rolls RRP AU$30
  • Premium Toilet Paper - 3-ply, 100% forest friendly bamboo. No inks, dyes or chlorine. 48 x double-length rolls RRP AU$56
  • Forest Friendly Tissues - 3-ply, made from bamboo. 12 x boxes RRP AU$24
  • Forest Friendly Paper Towels - 2-ply, made from bamboo/sugarcane. No inks, dyes or chlorine. 6 x double-length rolls RRP AU$18

That's what you call great customer service - delivery within 2 days to Western Australia!
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Note: this review is 100% my own thoughts and experiences, I have enjoyed using this company's products myself for several years and continue to share it with my family and friends!

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