Tuesday, July 12, 2016


Ever wondered how much work goes into building a new kitchen, or what is involved in beginning a food business from home? I'm going to be sharing the step-by-step stages of planning, approving, buying and assembling/installing our new commercial kitchen at Food Preserving HQ (Western Australia). We're removing the old (small) kitchen and building the new kitchen ourselves, including the tiling and painting - everything except for the plumbing and electrical work - and getting it approved through our local council to make and sell homemade jam (and begin teaching small food preserving classes here once everything is completed by early 2017).
Another angle of our new commercial kitchen plans.To free up bench space, we designed a little spot for the microwave so that you can cook food on the stove, warm in the microwave and serve on the bench without wandering about the kitchen - which is important when we have kids that they can do the re-heating themselves safely.
Another angle of our new commercial kitchen plansI wanted lots of storage space, so there is lots of cupboards without removing floor space - the bench also suits as a large table (it's going to be 2.4m long), but we will get a small table to go in front of the kitchen window, which overlooks our veggie patch/front garden.
p.s. behind the two right pantries is where the existing sliding door is that is getting bricked in, since we have access from the laundry and otherwise would be squishing the kitchen if they were elsewhere. My husband and I agreed for as much floor space as possible, as open living/cooking will be a selling feature in the future.

Front view of the cupboards in the new kitchen plans.
Picked up the house plans I ordered a week or so ago and the next lot of paperwork was lodged today. Since we want to brick in one of the doors in the kitchen, copies of the house plans (floor and site) and the new kitchen plan needed to accompany our building permit application to our local council. This should take around 10 days then we're onto the next form. Building permit fee $157.65
Kitchen cost so far: $308.65

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